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Reasons Why Wood Is Considered To Be A Renewable Source Of Energy

Firewoodis a renewable source of energy because trees can be replanted. Small trees grow up to replace those that were cut down. However, wood can only be considered as a renewable source if trees are replanted at the same rate they are being cut down. What about rainforests? Rainforests take thousands of years to re-grow and that is why they are considered as non-renewable sources. Wood, however, is present in all countries although we have countries that produce more wood than others. Uses There are many uses of wood. Wood can be used to make papers, furniture, housing, floors and many more. This is why the demand for wood is increasing and there are many suppliers. Cutting down trees without replanting is harmful to the environment and that is why you should take a responsibility of asking your firewood supplier Perth where they get their wood from and whether the trees are being replanted. Heating with wood Wood is considered to be a very important source of energy in many residential homes. In Africa for example, wood is the main source of heat for cooking and warming homes. In Canada, more than 25% of households use wood for heating. Wood is a significant fuel in most small towns and rural areas of many countries. This is the main reason you see long rows of wood piled in people’s yards. Wood can be dried and used directly as firewood or it can be burned and used as charcoal. Charcoal has a long history. Some steam engines used charcoal instead of coal. Using wood for heating has saved many families to stretch their budget and save money for something else. Some environmentalists warn against using wood carelessly because of the potential negative impacts to the environment. It is therefore important to plant more trees than we cut them down.

How To Choose A Sawdust Supplier In Perth


Sawdust supplies Perth in Western Australia have a lot of uses. Sawdust can be used to clean stains on the floor, used as mulch or even as fuel. No matter the use you have for your sawdust, there are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a sawdust supplier. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right sawdust supplier.

Choose a licensed supplier

There are a lot of sawdust suppliers in Western Australia selling illegal sawdust. Such suppliers cut down trees without plans of replacing them. Others illegally acquire sawdust from restricted forests. You do not want to be part of the people destroying our environment. It is therefore important to buy sawdust from a licensed supplier. Always ask for a license and verify it is legit before choosing a supplier.

Consider the quality of sawdust they sell

Whether you want to use sawdust for cooking or mulching, you should avoid sawdust supplies that are mixed with chemicals. The best sawdust is the one acquired from raw trees that have not undergone any form of treatment. Ask your supplier where they get their sawdust before buying from them. Sawdust mixed with chemicals can produce toxic fumes when used for fuel. These fumes can cause serious health complications and even death.

The cost

Different sawdust suppliers price their sawdust differently. Why pay more for the same quality and quantity of sawdust that you could buy cheaply from another supplier. Always shop around to find a supplier that sells cheap sawdust.

Delivery services

Transporting sawdust supplies Perth in Western Australia can be difficult especially if you do not have the right vehicle for the task. It is therefore important to choose a supplier who can deliver the sawdust to your home. Suppliers know the best way to transport sawdust to avoid contamination and spillage.

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